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Skateboarding or wakeboarding? Better both.

The most progressive of wakeboarding and the freedom of skateboarding combined in the same discipline.

Wakeskate is a way of manoeuvring between the wakes with your feet free of bindings. The tricks are performed by dragging a cable between modules and the riders perform the most impressive flips, varials and other tricks.

The scenarios for this sport are varied and can take place in a cable park, behind a boat or with a winch that can be placed anywhere and enjoy the water, which makes it the perfect sport to do at any time of the year.

Wakeskate boards are similar to wakeboards, usually with sanded surfaces so that the skater's feet don't slide on the board and he/she has enough traction to perform the manoeuvres.

The most important thing is not the speed but the tricks you can do in the water or in the air.

Plywood or fibreglass in high-end models, heavier in weight and shorter, the boards for this discipline give the rider a feeling of manoeuvrability similar to traditional skateboarding on wheels. 

In addition, in the most innovative designs, a certain concavity is added for better support on the base.

If you are looking for quality at the best prices on wakeboarding equipment, you have come to the right place to choose from a wide variety of articles and the most progressive brands, certified by the best on the wake or in the cablepark.

Get to know in detail each of the boards in this category and choose the one that best suits your build; take your performance to another level with the best wakeskate boards we have here.

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