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Wakesurf Boards

Great fun for all ages.

The beginning of all water sports was with wakesurfing, in its beginnings its conventional surfboards were the great allies of riders with experience in this modality, with the difference that the waves are the ones that leave the boats.

Wakesurfing has been practised for a long time with inboard boats for safety measures, the riders are taken by the mast and a rope is the connection point until they have the necessary speed to let go and the fun begins.

Wakesurf boards are a little shorter, wider and with fins, to differentiate them from conventional surfboards, without boots or bindings, the rider must demonstrate his mastery with his feet attached to the surface of the board and his hands free.

To choose a suitable board it is not necessary to know the weight, in the case of this sport activity the size of the board will determine what you can do with it.

For smaller waves you need longer boards to get the necessary push, while smaller boards, although less stable, allow for better performance and jumps, ideal for advanced riders.

The technology of the different brands in the construction of wakesurf boards have managed to combine the best of this with some features of the wakeboard, creating true innovations that are more resistant and provide better experience on the waves.

If you are looking for the best wakesurf boards you can find them here and from top brands like Ronix or Hyperlite.

Execute your best wake jumps, turns, grabs and ollie with a board that will take you to the top like a real pro, taking advantage of the best prices on every single piece of water sports equipment.

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