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Wakeboards are our specialty.

If you are looking for a wakeboard for cable or boat wakeboard you came to the right place to find it, here you will find the most complete line of wakeboards with the support of the best brands in quality, technology and innovation, such as: Ronix, Slinshot, Hyperlite, Connelly, Jobe, Liquid force.

Gone are the heavy boards, difficult to transport and handle by riders, the latest generation boards incorporate the best in high-tech materials that give flexibility, strength and are much lighter leading riders to develop real maneuvers in the air.

Cleaner landings, better spins and flawless grabs are some of the maneuvers facilitated by the new boards that now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, rocker lines, flex levels, constructions and exceptional features.

When exploring this category you will be able to walk among the Ronix boards with designs that enhance the maneuvers of the most progressive riders highlighting a more explosive pop out of the wave, is the favorite of many, for its innovative and highly resistant designs.

We can't forget the Hyperlite boards, with resistant rockers in three or two stages and innovative designs they have positioned themselves as one of the most recognized brands, from which you can choose the model according to your level in wakeboarding, with the guarantee of quality under your feet.

And as well as these, you can find a diversity of models with the brands preferred by the best riders in the world.

Wakeboards are the first equipment that everyone who wants to excel in this water sport needs to buy, remember that each one has specifications that make it more suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner, an advanced rider or a child, there will be a board specially created for you.

You can be surfing the wake or glued to the cable rails, find the perfect board here.

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