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Balance Boards

All the most progressive riders in the cablepark or wakeboard boat, also went through a hard training before achieving it.

And nothing better to achieve it in the shortest time possible, than the balance board.

Balance boards are a great tool to activate all your senses before going out to ride behind the boat in your cablepark, they are perfect to develop balance and coordination skills.

High performance riders include this type of boards in order to improve endurance and strength especially in the ankles, which prevents the most frequent injuries in water sports as well as strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the legs.

Using this board also helps you to find your center of balance, which allows you to maneuver with greater dexterity on the water. To get started with it, the ideal is to use it with some support, until you gain the necessary confidence.

Another recommendation made by the most prominent riders in the cablepark or wakeboard boat is to keep your eyes forward to achieve the point of balance and master it safely. This is essential to keep the spine neutral and the hips slightly forward to achieve the expected body balance for maneuvering.

The Balance Board allows you to practice all the necessary exercises to give you the strength in your limbs as well as practice the basic movements on a board without losing balance, as you develop more coordination you can go up the level.

By purchasing a board like this, you will be able to intensify your training by executing key movements out of the water in the development of different maneuvers, in addition to warming up your muscles beforehand, which avoids unexpected injuries.

You will soon become a more progressive rider on the wakeboard.

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