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Wakeboard Vests

An essential for your safety that can not be missing in your equipment.


Wakeboard vests should not be seen only for cases of falling into the water and floating, but as a protection mechanism against falls that can break your ribs and take you out of the game for some time.


With our varied collection, the orange life jackets were forgotten, their innovative designs make any rider look like a pro on top of the wakes.


When you enter the category we have chosen, you will find approved and non-approved vests, although the latter protect you against a blow or drag, they are not classified by the Coast Guard as life jackets.


Super lightweight, high quality materials such as neoprene and safety strap systems are in broad strokes what characterizes the models of wakeboard vests in our, in addition to the brands that have allowed this water sport level up as Hyperlite, Mystic and Ronix.


Another of the qualities of these security elements is how easy it is to put them on and take them off, some models include a front or side zipper, while others are pullover type, which you can choose according to your taste and utility that you will give.


An important thing to know when choosing a wakeboard vest is the size.


These essentials must fit snugly, without gaps between you and the piece, if it is loose it can cause you some damage in case of a fall and additional discomfort in terms of your mobility. The ideal is that you try it and execute some movements simulating that you are on the wakeboard.


Each manufacturer assigns a weight range with which you can orient yourself, when you buy it you should feel it tight because it is possible that when it is wet it may give a little.


We care about bringing you the best essential equipment at the best prices, because your safety is the most important thing as well as your fun on the water.

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