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Turbo Swing y Wakesurf Shaper

Adding different accessories to the boat turns it into a real watersports machine, tow tow towers, towing systems and the Turbo Swing are essential elements to enhance the wakeboarding experience.

This accessory is designed for any outboard boat, on which it is not possible to install towers on which water sportsmen can be pulled through the wakes and experience the same wakeboarding experience as with the wakeboard towers.

A quality Turbo Swing is made of stainless steel which gives it the necessary strength for towing.

This accessory is placed right at the strongest part of the outboard, at the transom, which increases manoeuvrability, stability and towing capacity without affecting the strain on the boat.

One of the advantages of the Turbo Swing is that it is quick and easy to install, and its removal does not require complicated manoeuvres.

The integrated pulley system of this installation provides a perfect rotation in orientation to the movement of the boat, without damaging the boat and making a protective barrier.

This system also frees up space inside the boat as well as raising the tow rope above the wakes giving riders more freedom to manoeuvre with a firm grip.

The Turbo Swing is an excellent option for those who can't install wakeboard towers, giving you maximum fun on the water.

In our shop you will find all the necessary wakeboarding equipment for beginners and professional riders alike, our team will be able to advise you on the technical specifications of each one.

If you are looking for fun experiences on the water accompanied by the best equipment this is the place to find it, from the Turbo Swing to the wakeboard.

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