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  • ,Liquid Force

    Founded in 1995, with roots going back to the sport’s first days, Liquid Force has become the leader in wakeboard related products and apparel.  Founders Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon were two pioneers in the sport of Wakeboarding credited with creating the sport.

    Finn was the developer of the Skurfer which is largely regarded as the product that put wakeboarding on the map, and Redmon is regarded as the most influential and creative designer of products since the sports inception.  Working together, they have helped grow Liquid Force to the top within the wakeboarding segment. With the additions of a wakeskating, wakesurfing and kiteboarding division, as well as a core retailer apparel program, sales for the Encinitas, CA based company now commands a large percentage of market share.

  • ,Ronix

    Founded by the Pioneers of the original wakeboard in 1991, along with 4 riders all as owners. Parks Bonifay, Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, Emily Copeland Durham, Herb O'Brien and others. A simple goal of building high end products.

  • ,Slingshot

    Founded in 1999 by brothers Jeff and Tony Logosz, Slingshot Sports has always been about tinkering, exploring and finding the next great adventure. Growing up around the ski slopes of Utah, Jeff and Tony were on a constant search for their next rush of adrenaline. No matter where you were around their property, there was always some crazy shit going down. “We were mad scientists of weird boards and weird shapes, human CNC machines. Every once in a while we found something that really worked. It has come such a long way, but at the same time... nothing has changed.”- Tony Logosz.

    Fast forward to today. Jeff and Tony instill that same spirit in the entire crew at Slingshot. We continue to experiment with new shapes, new toys and new technologies - all in an effort to find the next great adventure.

  • -Hyperlite

    Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing provide a lifestyle like no other, whether you’re pushing your skills to achieve new heights or simply enjoying a warm day on the lake, Hyperlite Wake is devoted to delivering equipment to enhance your experience. Established in 1991, Hyperlite is the longest standing brand in wake thanks to shared passion for the wake lifestyle and commitment to innovative and quality goods. Rolling into 2022 we’re excited to introduce our new exclusive wakeboard construction, many new and innovative wakesurf shapes and an advanced line of boots and bindings. Our tag line “Quality Goods Don’t Fear Time” is a firm belief shared amongst the entire Hyperlite team and we’re all excited to share with your our new wake range for 2022.

  • -Monster Tower

    The best wakeboard towers of the market. Built with the maximum quality and desing.

  • .Fat Sac

    FatSac ballast systems are the original choice for Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing. Trusted by leading boat manufacturers, FatSac offers consumers a line of superior products developed through careful research and testing. Our products are specifically designed to provide added safety, convenience and improved performance without causing damage to your boat. By using our advance cutting machine, welding system and FatSac material, we can assure you that your FatSac will be extremely durable and of the highest quality. FatSac, crafted right here in Milwaukee, is your ballast solution.

  • .Mystic

    "A group of kiteboarders and windsurfers who loved everything in the extreme wanted to go after strong winds and bigger waves in harsher conditions. Passionate as they were about kiteboarding and windsurfing they felt that the majority of the existing equipment on the market was holding them back, so they decided to break out on their own and fill the gap. They set out to create kite and windsurfing equipment that was durable and able to support a rider in extreme conditions allowing the rider to go harder, faster, higher."

    This was 2002, and the beginning of the mystic journey.

  • Byerly

    Hard to believe I started Byerly Boards in 2006, crazy how time flies when you’re having fun. With the help of my family, Butch and closest friends, I’ve been able to realize my dreams. Dreams that started long ago at the dawn of wakeboarding and wakeskating. It was my goal to build a brand that pushed our sport and helped people progress their riding and I truly feel like Byerly Boards has achieved that goal. Our board shapes, our approach at construction, along with our athlete achievements and industry firsts, Byerly Boards has been progressing for a decade now. The Byerly family will always be driven by our passion for wake riding. I hope you will enjoy our boards, bindings, skates and surfers as much as we do and please know without you none of this would even be possible. Thanks for believing in Byerly Boards.

  • Connelly

    With age comes wisdom. As a brand that has occupied the water sports industry for more than 50 years, we’ve got a whole lot of noggin knowledge. Since our inception in the 60’s building mahogany and white cedar skis to the 70’s and 80’s when fiberglass skis dominated production, we’ve been revolutionizing the industry with technology and leaving a wake of legacy along the way.

    Experience makes a difference, and we weren’t born yesterday.

    In fact, we’ve been there since the beginning.

    The longevity of the Connelly brand has allowed us to claim a lot of “firsts,” like our Big Easy design in the 90’s and V-Step innovation in the 00’s.

    But more than that, we claim to be your first ski family, your first memories on the lake and your first ride through the course.

    And to this day, we are still your biggest fans.

    This same passion that drove the company in 1965 is still the same energy that drives it today. Each of our skis are designed in the USA and thoughtfully engineered from 50 years of research and development to produce high-quality water sports products.

    We aren’t just part of history, we make it.

  • CTI Ossur

    CTi's rigid carbon-fiber frame provides optimal protection and stabilization of the knee joint. With its flexible subshells, CTi comes with off-the-shelf convenience.

  • CTRL

    Flve long years ago, three guys nad a vision. Bret Hagen, Kelth Lidberg, and Jonn
    Geisler set about the creation of the first cable specific wakeboard brand. We have come a long way since then and grown leaps and bounds now also in boat as well.

    From the beginning every shape we have produced here at CTRL has been built
    on a motto of achieving higher standards. We have created and developed many
    of the emerging technologies you see today. From board inception to final design, we have worked tirelessly with our core team comprised of Keith Lidberg, Lior Sofer, Matty Hasler, Dominik Guhrs, and the lovely, Angelika Schriber. We have always done things our way and not conformed to the limitations that were once faced here in the wakeboard industry. Each and every board we have designed to date has been shaped to the exacting specifications of our team who continues to deliver on that dedication and perfection we constantly strive towards. From Plug in Fins, Obstacle Lift Fins, Top Seam Rails, ABS Caps, Wood and Foam Blended constructions before they were popular, full wood cores, and now to our collaboration with LAndmarked artist Krush on this years street art themed Supremes.

    We continue to push the on the water progression of what's available for you to
    ride, express, feel, and love. Rest assured we will remain resolute in this
    approach. With many thanks, five years and going strong.

    We are CTRL.

  • Jobe

    Jobe is for everyone. We are a community, a global movement, a family of real people, who are discovering the beauty of watersports. We create unforgettable #jobemoments for everyone since 1974. No matter who you are, no matter your age or size, no matter your background. When you want to get on the water, you will fit in our family. We develop our products with the greatest care and highest quality materials, every day again. This is what “gets you on the water” means to us. Join our family and share in our love for watersports.

  • O'Neill

    O'Neill is originally a Californian surf wear and surfboard brand started in 1952 by Jack O'Neill. It moved down the coast from San Francisco to Santa Cruz by the end of the decade. Jack is credited to have invented the wetsuit, his son Pat the leash on the surfboard. The company logo symbolizes a breaking surf wave. "O'NEILL" and the "Wave logo" are trademarks registered worldwide.

  • Pro-Tec

    From empty concrete pools in Southern California to the epic runs of the Colorado Rockies, Action Sports participants have always found a way to adapt and push forward; a mindset Pro-Tec engineers embrace while aggressively pursuing new innovative designs. So whether you’re a backcountry powder-hound, a handrail destroyer, or an everyday resort cruiser just learning to shred, Pro-Tec’s extensive line of helmets caters to any rider who wants the classic Pro-Tec look with proven protection.

    Founded in 1973, Pro-Tec is the original skateboard protective gear brand, featuring the market’s most recognizable style of helmets. Pro-Tec designs are often imitated but never truly duplicated; that's because no other action sports brand has 40-years of heritage producing the most stylish and technologically advanced protective gear.

    Today Pro-Tec delivers the very best in modern protective equipment with a broad range of impact technology for a variety of sports. No matter your sport, no matter your style, Pro-Tec has a helmet for you. Look through our full product line for details on what matches your needs. Meet our team riders or find unique content on our blog. Educate yourself on how Pro-Tec is doing more than just keeping you safe; it’s pushing you forward.

  • Prolimit

    Prolimit is driven by a desire to create and build innovative  atersport products. We lead the market with superior technology, applying industry-first innovations across a range of superior quality products.

  • Red Paddle Co

    Welcome to Red Equipment, the new global home of Red Paddle Co and Red Original. The World's best Inflatable Stand up board brand and leading outdoor lifestyle accessories brand all in one place. Everything you need to get out and Explore Your World.

  • Remote

    A rider owned, rider operated wakeskate company with collaboration of core riders and a community of entrepreneurs. Remote is a brand built around riders and their lifestyles. The products and company mindset are that of the team. Built to take a beating and withstand the demands of a traveling "Remote" team.

  • Rollerbone

    from Rollerbone are among the best cross-training products on the market.

    Using RollerBone balance boards is fun and helps the user improve balance and coordination.

    It also improves leg strength, flexibility and body fitness. This makes the RollerBone an exceptional training tool for all sports where agility with balance coordination is required.
    The teaching curve for most enthusiasts is about 5-15 minutes to reasonably control the device. Ideal for surfers, kiters, wakeboarders, skaters, slackliners, snowboarders, skiers, ice skaters, climbers, gymnasts and many more. It is much more than just a training tool, as there are always new challenges. The more advanced will rock and bone ollies, spins, shuvits, grabs, air drops... and much more.
    Balance Boarding with RollerBone is also particularly suitable for prevention and therapy within physiotherapy, because almost all muscle groups are gently addressed and trained.

  • Roswell Wake-Air

    When Robert Oswell pioneered and patented the first shock absorbing tow rope pylon in his garage in 1998, what he ultimately envisioned was an industry in its infancy, and that meant innovation could thrive for decades to come. Driven by his passion for boating and watersports, from that Canadian garage he would ultimately launch a global company which has defined many of the marine products we all use and love today.

  • Simple Winch

    We manufacture the best Wake Winch of Marketplace. We sell our machines all over Europe at the best price and with the best possible parts, ensuring durability of our product.



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