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Boats for Wakeboarding.

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Boats for Wakeboarding.

While it is true that the board is an important factor when practicing Wakeboarding, this is not the only factor to consider. You should also keep in mind if you have the perfect boat, weighing whether or not you really have a boat for Wakeboarding.

That's why you should take a closer look at what Wakeboarding boats are and find out what the boat needs to be optimal for this water sport.

What are the boats for Wakeboarding

As you can guess, not all boats are suitable for Wakeboarding, so there is a select group of boats capable of giving you enough speed to practice this sport.

1.- Jet Boats: This first type of boat is not characterized by providing the well-known water wake seen in the sport (all thanks to its low propulsion). However, they are fast boats that will give you enough thrust to have a good time surfing the waves.

It is a light turbine boat that generates very soft and not very clean wakes, lacking a rudder and therefore making it very difficult to steer in a straight line. Not recommended for Wakeboarders who want to progress in the sport!

Although lately brands like Yamaha or Sea Doo manufacture very sporty and specific models for wakeboarding, we do not recommend these boats for wakeboarding or wakesurfing, if what you are looking for is to get a good performance to the wave, plus the prices of these boats, in wakeboarding models are worth almost the same as specific wakeboarding boats.

jet boat

2.- Outboard boats: This kind of boats are used, among other things, to navigate the sea, fishing, recreation ..., although they are also often used for water sports such as wakeboarding, wakeskate, water skiing or drag inflatables, as long as your engine is powerful enough to drag the skier.

The outboard boat is characterized by having a very flat hull, being very little seated in the water. Thanks to this, these boats are usually very fast and sail very well at sea, although unfortunately they do not displace much water and therefore do not generate the ideal amount of wake for wakeboarding.

If you don't have a big budget, most wakeboarders get started with this type of boat, but don't expect to get a lot of performance out of the wave.


3.- Stern Drives: Also known as tail boats, Stern Drives or Inboard/Outboards boats, these are boats that have the engine inside the boat (rear part) and a tail that comes out of the boat where the propeller and propulsion are located. Although with these boats you can practice wakeboarding, and are one of the most popular by people, because there is a lot of supply of second hand and very good options in new boats, which dress them with wakeboard towers, speakers, and good finishes, this type of boats do not generate a good wakeboard wave, if what you want is to jump the wake and do good tricks with height. Besides, with these boats you will not be able to practice wakesurfing because of the danger of wakesurfing with the propeller so close.


4.- Inboard boats: This is the perfect type of boat for wakeboarding and ski slalom, as these boats usually have a fairly powerful engine, located inside the boat, which gives them power to take the rider out of the water and go at a good stable speed for the practice of this sport. This model of Wakeboard boat includes a rudder, making it easier to handle and practice the sport.

Currently there are two different types of this kind of boats, the direct drive, which generate less wave at high speeds and are ideal for slalom skiing and the V-Drive, which are the best wakeboard boats on the market.
With these you can load the boat with weight, with the tanks or ballast that usually come with these boats or that are purchased separately and get the best waves for wakeboarding and / or wakesurfing.


Among the most popular brands and models of wakeboard boats we highlight the following:

  • Nautique, with its SAN G23 model. Distributed by Nautique Spain
  • Mastercraft, with its X-Star model. Distributed by Mastercraft Spain
  • Malibu, with its model Wakesseter 24 MXZ. Distributed by Malibu España
  • Axis Wake, with its model A24. Distributed by Malibu España
  • Moomba, with its model Makai. Distributed by Nautique Spain
  • Supra, with its model Supra SE
  • Tigé, with its model 25ZX

You already know! If you are thinking of buying a Wakeboard boat, take this into account and make the best decision possible. What are you waiting for?



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