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Wakeboarding tricks for beginners - Learn from Zero

Posted on2023-10-23 by

If you are just starting to practice wakeboarding you must take into account that it is not just about sliding over the sea doing jumps.

Keep in mind 2 very important points:

  •     To have the right accessories.
  •     Start learning the simplest tricks before moving on to more advanced ones.

Wakeboard maneuvers for beginners

Crossing the wake

This is the most basic trick, it is a crossing without jumping that you start with the rider, going out of the wake, then you will have to cross both waves with a slight angle.

It is important that you absorb the wake with your knees as you go over each side and it is also necessary that you stay on one edge during the whole ride across the wake.


If you have mastered the wake step, you are ready to start jumping, and the Ollie is one of the jumps you should try, as it is one of the most basic.

  1.     Take a straight stance with the pole in your lead hand and your arm slightly bent.
  2.     Lean your weight toward the back leg, so that the front leg is lighter.
  3.     Quickly raise the front leg.
  4.     Push the tip of the tail into the water, then bring the back leg together with the front leg to level the board.

Surface spins

This is one of the most exciting tricks that every beginner should begin to perform, it is the 180 on the surface. To perform it you need balance, weight distribution, one-handed control of the pole and stability. To begin you must:

  1. Move the pole to the opposite side of the direction you wish to turn and advance your hips toward the pole.
  2. It is necessary that the position of your head is correct because if your head turns first, then your shoulders will follow and you will move away from the axis.

These are the 3 wakeboard tricks for beginners, with which you should start practicing, remember that in Simplewake we provide all the advice you need, because we have all the wakeboard equipment so you are fully protected and comfortable to practice this sport.



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