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Wakepark Board

Practice at full speed on a wakepark board.

When it comes to manoeuvring through obstacles on a cable, you can't just choose any board, it has to be one with the maximum flex that will make you fly with every execution.

We can't be talking about anything other than wakepark boards.

Their construction and characteristics are different from boat boards, so it is best to explore the best options in this section, with the most outstanding brands in the cablepark.

First of all you should know that these boards are much softer than the boat boards, they have a flex that extends from the tip to the tail, they are suitable for bending them in a press directly on the modules.

Brands like Ronix, Slingshot, Hyperlite, Connelly, Jobe, Liquid Force, all come together in one place to bring you the best wakepark boards tailored to each rider. Find the one that best suits your level and impress everyone with the new tricks you can perform at a pro level.

As a good rider you should know the features that make the difference between wakepark boards and other boards. Among the basic ones we can mention:

Flex. They are boards with a higher flex pattern so that you can manoeuvre efficiently over obstacles, with cleaner movements and landings as well as being able to make pressures on the tip and tail with more agility.

Lower Rocker. The camber is less pronounced than others, allowing you to move through the water with less effort.

Flatter bottoms or less pronounced friction channels. All this to give the rider more freedom in his manoeuvres, making almost no traction on the water.

Another important fact that may impress you is that they do not have fins or these can be removed, so when you go to choose the best board, you will not only rely on their attractive designs, now you have the necessary information to choose the best one. 

All available here at the best price.

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