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Ballast System - Fatsacs

To make the most impressive waves on your wakeboard you will need to equip your boat with a good Ballast System - Fatsacs, in simpler terms a ballast system.

In this collection you will find the main ballast systems Fly High and Ronox Eight.3.

You will also find a wide range of accessories to complement your systems such as robust ballast pumps, connectors, adapters and plug-in dividers.

If you don't know which system to choose, our team will advise you every step of the way.

Ballasting your boat is an excellent option to create the perfect waves for riders.

Remember that these are formed as a result of the boat's hull passing over the water, displacing it along the course, the more weight in the back of the boat will allow bigger waves on both sides.

In wakeboarding, ballast systems are especially important to create the waves necessary for the practice of this water sport, which is why some wakeboarding boats include their ballasts in the factory, with ballasts integrated in the floor.

However, in most cases it is necessary to incorporate Ballast System- Fatsacs on the surface to create the right wakes for the most extreme riders.

If this is your case, our team will be able to provide you with the technical advice to choose the system that suits your boat's requirements and intended use as well as those that give you the best performance.

Choosing the right ballast systems will have a big effect on the waves, before you buy you should determine the amount of ballast you need because this extra weight will also affect the handling of the boat.

In this section we have chosen the best systems to equip your boat with the guarantee of recognised brands in wakeboarding.

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